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There are many biographical things I could say
about myself. But I won't.
1984, 23, 2600, 9/11/1973, aclu, activism, advertising, aim, allen ginsberg, anarchism, anarcho punk, anarchy, anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism, anti-fascism, anti-globalization, anti-racism, anti-war, autonomy, bbs, biff-the-omnipresent-ass-punching-gnome, bill hicks, blacklisting, blissful thinking, brett axel, bright eyes, chaos theory, civil rights, class war, classical, clearwater, coding, coffee, cooking, critical mass, d.i.y., dar williams, david rovics, dead kennedys, diy, dj, dr. seuss, emiliano zapata, environmentalism, ezln, fnord, folk, folk music, folk songs, fred hellerman, free food, fugazi, fzln, george orwell, george plimpton, gonzo journalism, guitar, hackers, hacking, hummus, hunter s thompson, hunter s. thompson, independent media, independent media center, indigenous people’s rights, indymedia, indymedia.org, jello biafra, joan baez, joe hill, john lennon, johnny cash, joseph campbell, journalism, lucky boys confusion, making music, malvina reynolds, manu chao, martin espada, media politics, melanie, mountain biking, mountains, moxy fruvous, mp3, mujeres de chiapas, music, mythology, new journalism, newsies, npr, odetta, p.j. o'rourke, pancho villa, paul robeson, peace, people watching, perl, pete seeger, php, phreak, pizza, poems, poetry, poetry readings, poets, political poetry, protest, protest music, protest songs, protesting, protests, punk, quantum physics, reading, reading books, revolution, richie havens, ridin my bike, run lola run, saara, salman fuckin' rushdie, samuel beckett, saving my country, school of assassins, self-determination, sherman alexie, sing out, sovereingty, street performers, swizzle tree, sylvia plath bake-off, the anti-corporate globalization movement, the dead milkmen, the kingston trio, the united states, the zapatistas, they might be giants, thrift shops, tom wolfe, unions, victor jara, vladimir nabokov, walt whitman, war, william carlos williams, woody guthrie, words, writing, zapatismo

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