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Open Letter To Education Secretary - marco

Jan. 31st, 2017 07:13 pm Open Letter To Education Secretary

Dear Betsy DeVos.

How full is your bucket?

If you get confirmed in the open Senate hearing I will humbly thank you with all graciousness for a full-time teaching job with benefits, retirement and paid days off despite the fact that I have not passed my Connecticut Praxis tests yet, nor have I student taught.

I'm so glad you can relate, since your only Bachelors degree is from a college (Calvin) that has no national accreditation and of course no reputation outside of your home state.

For I am certain you understand that my Sacred Heart Master's Degree (hey it's a Christian college just like yours, well sort of...) in Elementary Ed. trumps all that [sic.]

As does my master's thesis which is becoming a Childrens' Ethnomusicology Textbook.


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