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Were You There When We Gave Iraq Those Planes - marco

Dec. 13th, 2016 05:59 am Were You There When We Gave Iraq Those Planes

This whole 2016 EEUU election process is turning ugly and I expect it to escalate even more before 20january.
Even Carl Bernstein is weighing in now saying that the shenanigans Trump is up to makes Nixxon's work seem nearly innocent by comparison. My earliest analysis is that Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson signified an epic battle between two opposing camps within the CIA.

This of course seemed to appear suddenly out of nowhere but if you've been following security issues as far back as when John Stockwell (GS14) quit the CIA you'd see that this "fissure" has been cracking since at least as early as the Stansfield Turner years. In fact I bet it was whenever they shifted from merely INFORMING THE POTUS based on intelligence GATHERED into the realm of OVERTHROWING REGIMES based on false intelligence DISSEMINATED. Some are willing to do it yet others are not, and therein lies the crack in the pillars. It's similar to the two camps within Law Enforcement between planting evidence and simply building a case. But I digress. The war between two kinds of CIA operatives is likely what we're seeing lose deniability about, and it's at the very least crystal clear that Putin as well as other diabolical human beings around the world have been determined to exploit the very possibility!

And if you think the entire phenomenon of "fake news" came from anywhere besides J. Edgar Hoover's coffin and Cheney, Rove, and Armitage's secret bunkers you're extremely and unfortunately naive.

And while I'm on the subject, I should state that our nation's peril will most likely be because we shirked away from a full accounting of Iran/Contra come what may...

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