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About my interweb presence: - marco

Mar. 27th, 2016 08:15 am About my interweb presence:

People ask me about my domains.
Ummm. Yes I've dabbled some over the years but now I'm down to having just five domains that I own.
Three orgs and two coms.
Here I'll describe them.
My last name. There was a time I wanted .net and .com too but I'm not a hog.
I was bored one night at something like 3am and over at twitter the box said "what are you doing right now?"
I typed, "twittering." but into google, and it said domain not found. So I checked and it was available so I bought it.
Someday I'll put every song I've ever written in here. Hopefully it'll fit. Or I guess I could hope it won't. ;) For now it's a flat page about my freshman full length folk CD. I called it "soffty fasnfftof." What the heck does that mean you might say? It's an acronym. Some old folk for the young folk and some new folk for the old folk. It's a Gospel record.
I was watching the Seinfeld episode about Muffin Tops and it inspired me to question why nobody puts any importance on the muffin bottoms! So I looked for the domain and there it was. I blog there.
And last but not least, this domain is mine because as many of you know I teach many different subjects. Jack of all trades, master of none really. But truth be told my favorite thing of all to teach would have to be everything I've ever learned along the way so far about Ethnomusicology.
Yes yes.
marco frucht

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