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When a semester ends. Sort of. - marco

Jan. 9th, 2016 01:26 pm When a semester ends. Sort of.

Wow, it's just sinking in that my Fall 2015 semester just ended. Well, that's because of the 1 month extension I asked for which was originally stretched across that semester. I turned in my masters thesis Monday, finishing just 2 days before the second deadline. Yay.
Now a little bit of down time before spring semester begins... which for me is the 19th of this month. A week and a half to daydream. Well a little bit of daydreaming, right? There's always so much other work to do each day.

Tonight a show called "Gramma's Attic" might be airing an interview I did about my music career and stuff.

It's just public access local to a neighboring town, but the format is nice, in that you play whatever you feel like for about a half hour and then they interview you for the last half hour. And there's just an embarbo on the high definition video being shared online until after the show airs. So I might be able to share some of the songs and/or some of the interview soon too.

Looking forward to that.

I got asked this week to be a permanent sub in 8th grade math, which I would have loved, but I have an 8am class in Fairfield Tuesdays and Thursdays so I had to decline. Maybe this fall I can pull off something like that again, but until then it's a series of one-day assignments again for a while.

What else, what else.

Just in a very good mood and whenever that happens I like to share that positive vibe with others because for most people it's kind of contagious and the distro of such a good vibe is no kind of "zero sum game" on anything resembling any diminish of returns. So it can just spread and spread until all kinds of extra people are happy. Yay!


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