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Doc Proctor Reviews SOFFTY FASNFFTOF - marco

Aug. 1st, 2012 09:42 am Doc Proctor Reviews SOFFTY FASNFFTOF

Marco Frucht’s Old folks for new folks

Marco Frucht’s new album SOFFTY FASNFFTOF (Short for “Old Folks for new folks” really) is a great listen. Marco is a folk singer who has just released this first full length record. It’s not only a modern album but a throwback to the protests of the 30s or 60s. If you were around for those days of protesting singers or just a fan of the protesting folk then I highly recommend you contact Marco about getting a copy of his CD or download at iTunes. The best part is the album is not just for older generations but younger generations can appreciate such songs as “Fry bread” or others.

My only issue with the album, are the tracks in which Marco opted to throw in drums. I felt the drums took away from Marco’s folk style and the ability of the audience to pay attention to the lyrics. Otherwise I recommend one jump in the car and pop in “old folks For New Folk” it will take you on a journey and open your eyes to this world.

Andrew Doc Proctor


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