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Jan. 31st, 2017 07:13 pm Open Letter To Education Secretary

Dear Betsy DeVos.

How full is your bucket?

If you get confirmed in the open Senate hearing I will humbly thank you with all graciousness for a full-time teaching job with benefits, retirement and paid days off despite the fact that I have not passed my Connecticut Praxis tests yet, nor have I student taught.

I'm so glad you can relate, since your only Bachelors degree is from a college (Calvin) that has no national accreditation and of course no reputation outside of your home state.

For I am certain you understand that my Sacred Heart Master's Degree (hey it's a Christian college just like yours, well sort of...) in Elementary Ed. trumps all that [sic.]

As does my master's thesis which is becoming a Childrens' Ethnomusicology Textbook.


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Jan. 1st, 2017 02:42 pm JUST WALK ME DOWN: The Wit and Wisdom of Ms. Mariah Carey

just walk me down
we can't hear it but...
we didn't have a check for this song so we'll just say it went to #1 and that's what it is.
We're missing some of this it's over but it is what it is
I'm gonna sit and let the audience sing, ok?
We didn't have a soundcheck but it's New Years baby. It's OK.
Get these monitors on please.
I want a holiday too. Can I not have one?
I'm trying to be a good sport here.
That was... amazing.
This is the album version so I'm just gonna let you put this skirt on me and sing along a bit.
You just don't get any better.

When Pavarotti couldn't hit his highest C anymore he gave some really great performances hitting everything else and just being humble about what he couldn't do as an old man. I think what bothered me the most about this entire performance is that she embedded the highest notes that she can no longer hit into the backing tracks. Not humble at all. It's terrible seeing your heroes fall. I've been following her career since one of my bosses in the army shared his copy of her "Weakness of the Body" demo. She was amazing. No smoke and mirrors, just lots of talent and decent producing. Nowadays, not so much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttypA4rjfDo

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Dec. 13th, 2016 05:59 am Were You There When We Gave Iraq Those Planes

This whole 2016 EEUU election process is turning ugly and I expect it to escalate even more before 20january.
Even Carl Bernstein is weighing in now saying that the shenanigans Trump is up to makes Nixxon's work seem nearly innocent by comparison. My earliest analysis is that Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson signified an epic battle between two opposing camps within the CIA.

This of course seemed to appear suddenly out of nowhere but if you've been following security issues as far back as when John Stockwell (GS14) quit the CIA you'd see that this "fissure" has been cracking since at least as early as the Stansfield Turner years. In fact I bet it was whenever they shifted from merely INFORMING THE POTUS based on intelligence GATHERED into the realm of OVERTHROWING REGIMES based on false intelligence DISSEMINATED. Some are willing to do it yet others are not, and therein lies the crack in the pillars. It's similar to the two camps within Law Enforcement between planting evidence and simply building a case. But I digress. The war between two kinds of CIA operatives is likely what we're seeing lose deniability about, and it's at the very least crystal clear that Putin as well as other diabolical human beings around the world have been determined to exploit the very possibility!

And if you think the entire phenomenon of "fake news" came from anywhere besides J. Edgar Hoover's coffin and Cheney, Rove, and Armitage's secret bunkers you're extremely and unfortunately naive.

And while I'm on the subject, I should state that our nation's peril will most likely be because we shirked away from a full accounting of Iran/Contra come what may...

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Aug. 27th, 2016 10:54 am A SATISFIED MIND: Blogging My Fretboard Logic

A SATISFIED MIND: Blogging My Fretboard Logic

Saturday, August 27, 2016


by Marco Frucht

I must say, of all the lead guitar solos I’ve ever recorded for myself or anyone else, there isn’t one I’m truly satisfied with. I listen back and cringe a little bit usually. None are flawless. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t have to be flawless for me to keep from cringing, but it definitely needs to be close. It also needs to truly say something. Directly AND metaphorically, I think things through under a “lens” of “does this tell you something? Take you somewhere? Mean something…”

Shredding, and noodling mean little or nothing to me. A solo isn’t just a bunch of notes in the key of the song. It has to go somewhere. Listen to some of the artfulness and storytelling of some Link Wray or Stevie Salas solos, you’ll see what I mean.

Now that said, there is one 4track recording I did a very long time ago for a friend of mine, Mr. Luis Argarin.


There’s one non-confident spot where I’m noodling and trying to find my way back to the story. Everything else about that solo (1:32 mins to about 2:13 mins) does just fine.

That one I’m nearly satisfied with. 🙂

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Aug. 4th, 2016 07:11 am Mr. Peabody's Coal Train has Hauled You Away...

Ah Rio Tinto. So that's where Mr Peabody's coal train went!
And look at that proper vetting of the Iranian board members. Does that not sound like something McCain and Clinton would do together??



Rio Tinto, which removed Iran’s two members of the mine board in 2012, has argued that Iran gets no benefit from the property, that there is no active partnership, and that it has discussed the issue with the U.S. State Department to ensure that no sanctions against Iran are violated.

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Jun. 27th, 2016 01:01 pm To Journal My Journey at Mohegan Sun's First Annual Car Convention

So here’s an attempt at reviewing my three days at Mohegan Sun for the ginormous Arena auctions that were happening. Wow. What a thrill to work this.

I was thinking back of all the different kinds of Inaugural events I’ve volunteered or worked at over the years and this one is definitely in my top 3!

Garage band’s choozapalooza
Namm’s Native American Pavillion
Nammys, the Native American Music Awards,
Whalie Awards
1st annual US Environmental Film Fest
People's Fast for Justice and Peace In the Americas
And New London’s Annual Youth Talent Show. Wow.
And now Jackson-Barrett’s inaugural Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun?
I stand here humbled and honored…  )

Barrett-Jackson just sold out all three days of their inaugural car show in New England at Mohegan!

Rob Graham Which sucks cause I wanted to go
Like · Reply · June 24 at 1:06pm

Get all these fotos at their original spot from my instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/atizine

Marco Frucht They're selling twilight tickets for 35bucks which give you everything except the arena until 5 and the the arena 5-close

Bottom of Form

I didn’t learn the HDef version of my cellphone camera until the third day of the auctions so a lot of these photos are very low rez. I got rid of the ones that were less compelling but some of them capture the moment so well even at “lo fi…” that I figured I’d keep them to share. J

Pictured: auction house the night before what you see on TV now. Amazing production crew! #‎barrettjackson

Bottom of Form

Early morning at #‎barrettjackson day two first year at Mohegan. All three days sold out right away.

3pm 24jun16 #‎barretjackson #‎mohegansun this place is as full as is humanly possible. Good luck finding a hotel...

Rob Graham You buying a hot rod or what man
Like · Reply · June 24 at 3:38pm
Karen Ricci
Karen Ricci We are there today, as Ana sings the Anthem T 11:45!!!!!
Karen Ricci They told us this is the first sold out crowd ever!
Marco Frucht Yes, pretty historic, eh?
Bottom of Form

Day 3. #‎barrettjackson it's 815 and people are already trying to grab up seats.

ThBottom of Form

805 and the line to the escalator for Winter Garage goes all the way back past Bobby Flay's Burgers! #‎barrettjackson #‎mohegansun

Bottom of Form

This was nuts. I’ve never seen all of Mohegan so full. Not just the arena and the Winter Parking Garage. Everywhere else was just packed with people coming and going. “All abuzz,” as they say…

Trucks and buses have to park over on 32. Garages are filling up fast. Get here quick. #‎barrettjackson #‎mohegansunarena

Top of Form
Bottom of Form

Last car of the auction. 16,500 dollars. Sold! Craig Jackson called it the best first auction ever. #‎barretjackson

Joanne McDermott I watch this on tv....were you there,
Like · Reply · 23 hrs
Marco Frucht
Marco Frucht yupper. Inaugural New England auction. They're going to be talking about this one all year. Everything about it surpassed everything Craig Jackson imagined when he did a walkthrough with the tribe last year to plan this. After this XJ8 jag sold he got up on the mike and did everything except cry real tears. "This was the best first auction ever!" was one of the greatest quotables I heard. He's been married for 40 something years so he's at least 60ish but he sounded like a little boy, hehehehehe

Marco Frucht Gas Monkey people sold 11 cars unless any didn't meet a reserve and I don't know if they bought any Saturday but he won two cars Friday! So his car carriers are going back with new projects. hehehehe
Bottom of Form

So 2 neatest people I met? A boy whose dad bought 5 cars, and a guy who drives cars across the Auction Block for a living. #‎barrettjackson

Joanne McDermott Love!
Like · Reply · 23 hrs
Marco Frucht
Marco Frucht I didn't get a good shot of the rims but it had those tiny little hubcaps like my dad used to steal when he was a teenager. ;)
Like · Reply · 23 hrs
Joanne McDermott
Joanne McDermott What is this? I'm in love!!
Marco Frucht A wicked old Studebaker I don't remember the model but it was like a 51 or a 53 or something. Wowza!
Joanne McDermott You got that right!!! This is the car for me!!!
Marco Frucht well they're auctioning it off in Vegas at the next show so plan early
Joanne McDermott Can you float me $100,000.00?
Marco Frucht Sure I'll have to check how much is in my petty cash check book
Joanne McDermott Appreciated man!
Marco Frucht https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150608136116697

Marco Frucht
March 17, 2012 ·
Aight, Who knows what this is? I'll give you a hint, no, n/m -- no hint. ;)
Bottom of Form

And lastly??

Aww, as they say in Wide World of Sports (TM) "the agony of defeat."
I caught a glimpse of this one getting prepped for its return trip home, or to another auction.
Don't cry for the seller though. He sent five cars in and only two didn't meet the reserve.
...See More

Top of Form

Addenda: If anyone wants their name or car or likeness removed or whatever, just let me know. I did this sort of as an edited text dump so I might not have wiped out everything I should have. I tried.

Marco Capelli Frucht

PS: the images didn't replicate across databases. I guess because it's instagram.
So I'll upload one fresh one and you can just go to my instagram to see all of them openly I guess.


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Apr. 24th, 2016 11:44 am Here's a video of what Howard Bloom says about Prince and his musical legacy.

So Prince died. Rest in Power!
Here's a video of what Howard Bloom says about him and his musical legacy.
I'd say pay special attention to about 3:21-4:20ish
Also, as I watched that video Howard Bloom seemed so familiar besides just industry "friend of a friend..." And then it hit me, he did this awesome lecture inside of the original Disinformation DVDs back when I was helping our Indymedia collective evolve. I'd forgotten Norbert H. Kox was in there too. Now I need to watch all the segments again to see who else is in there!


Play Song Rumble (Instr.)
Play Song Prelude
Play Song Lamento Gitano


"The Wall Street Journal says Marco Capelli’s electric guitar has a kind of “giggly élan" as if "winking at the listener.""

— Jim Fusili, WSJ, wSj, Aug 7, 2014

Current Mood: sadsad

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Mar. 27th, 2016 08:15 am About my interweb presence:

People ask me about my domains.
Ummm. Yes I've dabbled some over the years but now I'm down to having just five domains that I own.
Three orgs and two coms.
Here I'll describe them.
My last name. There was a time I wanted .net and .com too but I'm not a hog.
I was bored one night at something like 3am and over at twitter the box said "what are you doing right now?"
I typed, "twittering." but into google, and it said domain not found. So I checked and it was available so I bought it.
Someday I'll put every song I've ever written in here. Hopefully it'll fit. Or I guess I could hope it won't. ;) For now it's a flat page about my freshman full length folk CD. I called it "soffty fasnfftof." What the heck does that mean you might say? It's an acronym. Some old folk for the young folk and some new folk for the old folk. It's a Gospel record.
I was watching the Seinfeld episode about Muffin Tops and it inspired me to question why nobody puts any importance on the muffin bottoms! So I looked for the domain and there it was. I blog there.
And last but not least, this domain is mine because as many of you know I teach many different subjects. Jack of all trades, master of none really. But truth be told my favorite thing of all to teach would have to be everything I've ever learned along the way so far about Ethnomusicology.
Yes yes.
marco frucht

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Feb. 4th, 2016 01:17 pm A note about my day, frybread and young people I'm a fan of...

See them on a laptop screen /
And don't want to say goodbye /

So three amazing young people I know are releasing albums and singles this week.

Keiko and the Sledge Grits sisters - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Gr2TpnTz7Q

Quite excited for each of them. I'm a major fan.

And how it is with me. Today, I had a 6th grader tell me right before I started taking attendance in her class that she went and found my iTunes site and downloaded all my songs there.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/soffty-fasnfftof/id522966480   And I had to delay attendance a little bit extra because I didn't want to stop her from singing the whole class my "Frybread" song. [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHEmKzCwgZU ] Half the class had heard it before so they sang along and some of the others who'd never heard it before started to follow along too.

I did have to ask them to stop when another student started singing my version of the "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" theme song to show off that he knew that one too. [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23xS2C0tp98 ] That one's not on any of my albums, just youtube and soundcloud and stuff! I would have loved to just have a sing along all class period but you know, lesson plans. hehehehe

That is soooooo humbling and honoring to hear things like that.
Makes it all worthwhile right?


marco frucht

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Jan. 9th, 2016 01:26 pm When a semester ends. Sort of.

Wow, it's just sinking in that my Fall 2015 semester just ended. Well, that's because of the 1 month extension I asked for which was originally stretched across that semester. I turned in my masters thesis Monday, finishing just 2 days before the second deadline. Yay.
Now a little bit of down time before spring semester begins... which for me is the 19th of this month. A week and a half to daydream. Well a little bit of daydreaming, right? There's always so much other work to do each day.

Tonight a show called "Gramma's Attic" might be airing an interview I did about my music career and stuff.

It's just public access local to a neighboring town, but the format is nice, in that you play whatever you feel like for about a half hour and then they interview you for the last half hour. And there's just an embarbo on the high definition video being shared online until after the show airs. So I might be able to share some of the songs and/or some of the interview soon too.

Looking forward to that.

I got asked this week to be a permanent sub in 8th grade math, which I would have loved, but I have an 8am class in Fairfield Tuesdays and Thursdays so I had to decline. Maybe this fall I can pull off something like that again, but until then it's a series of one-day assignments again for a while.

What else, what else.

Just in a very good mood and whenever that happens I like to share that positive vibe with others because for most people it's kind of contagious and the distro of such a good vibe is no kind of "zero sum game" on anything resembling any diminish of returns. So it can just spread and spread until all kinds of extra people are happy. Yay!


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